Geoscience Canada
Journal of the Geological Association of Canada
Journal de l’Association Géologique du Canada

Volume 43, Number 3, 2016

Table of contents (6 articles)

Front Matter

  1. Front Matter

Andrew Hynes Series: Tectonic Processes

  1. Magmatism and Extension in the Foreland and Near-Trench Region of Collisional and Convergent Tectonic Systems


  1. Geoscience Medallist 1. Understanding the Holocene Closed-Basin Phases (Lowstands) of the Laurentian Great Lakes and Their Significance
  2. Remote Predictive Mapping 7. The Use of Topographic−Bathymetric Lidar to Enhance Geological Structural Mapping in Maritime Canada


  1. Elkanah Billings: The Lawyer Who Revealed the Ancient Life of the Past


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