Geoscience Canada
Journal of the Geological Association of Canada
Journal de l’Association Géologique du Canada

Volume 47, Number 1-2, 2020

Table of contents (6 articles)


  1. Geoscience in the Time of Covid

A Tribute

  1. Maarten de Wit: 1947-2020

Andrew Hynes Series: Tectonic Processes

  1. Proterozoic–Paleozoic Sedimentary Rocks and Mesozoic–Cenozoic Landscapes of the Cape Mountains Across the Kango Complex Reveal ‘More Gaps Than Record’ from Rodinia and Gondwana to Africa


  1. Anthropocene: Transdisciplinary Shorthand for Human Disruption of the Earth System


  1. Igneous Rock Associations 25. Pre-Pliocene Andean Magmatism in Chile
  2. Classic Rock Tours 4. Long Walks, Lost Documents and the Birthplace of Igneous Petrology: Exploring Glen Tilt, Perthshire, Scotland

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