Géographie physique et Quaternaire

Volume 60, Number 1, 2006

Table of contents (10 articles)

  • Le prix annuel de l’Association québécoise pour l’étude du Quaternaire 2006
  • Pierre George (1909-2006)
  • Foreword S. Brian Mccann (1935-2004)
  • Introduction: Coastal and Northern Processes, Landforms, and Sediments
  • Simulating Active Layer Thaw in a Boreal Environment
  • Shore Platform Processes in Eastern Canada
  • Emergence and Migration of a Nearshore Bar: Sediment Flux and Morphological Change on a Multi-Barred Beach in the Great Lakes
  • More than 16 Years, More than 16 Stressors: Evolution of a Reflective Gravel Beach, 1989-2005
  • Sediments and Biota of the Marine Coastal Zone of Igloolik Island, Nunavut
  • An Application of GIS Techniques to Assess the Risk of Disturbance of Archaeological Sites by Mass Movement and Marine Flooding in Auyuittuq National Park Reserve, Nunavut
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