Géographie physique et Quaternaire

Volume 60, numéro 1, 2006

Sommaire (10 articles)

  1. Le prix annuel de l’Association québécoise pour l’étude du Quaternaire 2006
  2. Pierre George (1909-2006)
  3. Foreword S. Brian Mccann (1935-2004)
  4. Introduction: Coastal and Northern Processes, Landforms, and Sediments
  5. Simulating Active Layer Thaw in a Boreal Environment
  6. Shore Platform Processes in Eastern Canada
  7. Emergence and Migration of a Nearshore Bar: Sediment Flux and Morphological Change on a Multi-Barred Beach in the Great Lakes
  8. More than 16 Years, More than 16 Stressors: Evolution of a Reflective Gravel Beach, 1989-2005
  9. Sediments and Biota of the Marine Coastal Zone of Igloolik Island, Nunavut
  10. An Application of GIS Techniques to Assess the Risk of Disturbance of Archaeological Sites by Mass Movement and Marine Flooding in Auyuittuq National Park Reserve, Nunavut

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