Historical Papers

Volume 1, Number 1, 1966 Sherbrooke 1966

Table of contents (16 articles)

  • Presidential Address*
  • The Nature, Composition, and Functions of the Canadian Bourgeoisie, 1729-1748
  • Metropolitanism and Toronto Re-Examined, 1825-18501
  • French-Canadian Nationalism and the Challenge of Ultramontanism
  • The Canadianization of the Protestant Churches
  • Some French-Canadian Interpretations of the British Conquest: une quatrième dominante de la pensée canadienne-française
  • Seward and the Secession Winter of 1860-1861
  • A Case of Minority Rule: The Cape Colony, 1854-1898
  • Anglo-India and the Defence of Authority: The Challenge of the Western-Educated Indian
  • Music as an Ideological Weapon in the French Revolution
  • The Liberals and the Crisis of the First Restoration in France
  • The Political Ideas of Russian Right Radicalism
  • Histoire et sociologie : le point de vue d’un historien
  • In Defense of Jargon*
  • A Regional Approach for New England and the Atlantic Provinces
  • List of Members/Liste des membres
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