Historical Papers

Volume 23, Number 1, 1988 Windsor 1988

Table of contents (16 articles)

  • Presidential Address: Visions and Revisions: The View from the Presidents’ Offices of Ontario Universities Since the Second World War
  • The Gordon Riots Revisited
  • Rational Creatures and Free Citizens: The Language of Politics in the Eighteenth‑Century Debate on Women
  • The Growth of a Craft Labour Force: Montreal Leather Artisans, 1815‑1831
  • Parenté et migration : le cas des Canadiens français à Montréal entre 1845 et 1875
  • From the Rule of Law to Responsible Government: Ontario Political Culture and the Origins of Canadian Statism
  • Dispossession or Adaptation? Migration and Persistence of the Red River Metis, 1835‑1890
  • The First Mrs. Rochester: Wrongful Confinement, Social Redundancy, and Commitment to the Private Asylum, 1883‑1923
  • Losing Steam: The Boiler and Engine Industry as an Index of British Columbia’s Deindustrialization, 1880‑1915
  • Philosophy, Psychology, and History: George Sidney Brett and the Quest for a Social Science at the University of Toronto, 1910‑1940
  • “It was a Hard Life”:Class and Gender in the Work and Family Rhythms of a Railway Town, 1920‑1950
  • “Empires of the Mind”? C.K. Ogden, Winston Churchill and Basic English
  • Unpublished Papers/Communications non imprimées
  • Our Contributors/Nos auteurs
  • Obituaries/Nécrologie
  • H. Blair Neatby
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