Historical Papers

Volume 4, Number 1, 1969 Toronto 1969

Table of contents (16 articles)

  • The Edge of the Forest*
  • The Decline and Fall of the Empire of the St. Lawrence
  • Sur la formation d'une oligarchie terrienne dans le Saint-Laurent 1627-1663
  • L’Église catholique du Bas-Canada et le partage du pouvoir à l’heure d’une nouvelle donne (1837-1854)1
  • Bishop Laflèche and the Mandement of 1896
  • John S. Ewart and Canadian Nationalism
  • J.S. Willison and Canadian Nationalism 1886-1902
  • R.B. Bennett et le Québec : un cas d’incompréhension réciproque
  • R. B. Bennett as a Reformer
  • The CIO, the Communist Party and the Formation of the Canadian Congress of Labour 1936-1941
  • Samuel Gompers and American Consensus
  • Organizing for War: Canada and the United States During World War I
  • The Social Doctrine of John Wyclif 1
  • Janus: The Two Faces of Fascism
  • Myths and Realities of African Resistance
  • List of Members/Liste des membres
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