Historical Papers

Volume 5, Number 1, 1970 Winnipeg 1970

Table of contents (20 articles)

  • L’histoire sociale du Bas-Canada : bilan et perspectives de recherches
  • My Recollections of the West
  • What, then, is the Manitoban, this New Man? or This Almost Chosen People
  • The Historiography of the Great West
  • The Catholic Clergy and the Fur Trade 1585-1685*
  • Le Canada et la France (1760-1815)
  • “Pure Books on Avoided Subjects”: Pre-Freudian Sexual Ideas in Canada*
  • Variations on a Nationalist Theme: Henri Bourassa and Abbé Groulx in the 1920’s
  • Daniel Webster and the Canadian Rebellions, 1837-1838
  • A New Deal Experiment with Guided Democracy: the FSA Migrant Camps in California
  • England vs. Spain in America, 1739-1748: the Spanish Side of the Hill
  • The Royal Society and “The Ingenious Monsieur Pascal”
  • The Social Composition of the British House of Commons, 1868-1885
  • French Policy and the Munich Crisis of 1938: a Reappraisal
  • The Peasant Element in the Russian Identity
  • Papers not Printed/Communications non imprimées
  • List of Members/Liste des membres
  • Report of the Treasurer/Rapport du trésorier
  • Annual General Meeting, 1970/L’assemblée générale, 1970
  • Report of the Local History Section
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