Historical Papers
Communications historiques

Volume 5, Number 1, 1970 Winnipeg 1970

Table of contents (20 articles)

  1. L’histoire sociale du Bas-Canada : bilan et perspectives de recherches
  2. My Recollections of the West
  3. What, then, is the Manitoban, this New Man? or This Almost Chosen People
  4. The Historiography of the Great West
  5. The Catholic Clergy and the Fur Trade 1585-1685*
  6. Le Canada et la France (1760-1815)
  7. “Pure Books on Avoided Subjects”: Pre-Freudian Sexual Ideas in Canada*
  8. Variations on a Nationalist Theme: Henri Bourassa and Abbé Groulx in the 1920’s
  9. Daniel Webster and the Canadian Rebellions, 1837-1838
  10. A New Deal Experiment with Guided Democracy: the FSA Migrant Camps in California
  11. England vs. Spain in America, 1739-1748: the Spanish Side of the Hill
  12. The Royal Society and “The Ingenious Monsieur Pascal”
  13. The Social Composition of the British House of Commons, 1868-1885
  14. French Policy and the Munich Crisis of 1938: a Reappraisal
  15. The Peasant Element in the Russian Identity
  16. Papers not Printed/Communications non imprimées
  17. List of Members/Liste des membres
  18. Report of the Treasurer/Rapport du trésorier
  19. Annual General Meeting, 1970/L’assemblée générale, 1970
  20. Report of the Local History Section

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