International Journal for Talent Development and Creativity

Volume 8, Number 1-2, August–December 2020

Table of contents (23 articles)

From the Founders

  1. Resilience and Perseverance in Uncertain Times

From the Editor's Desk


  1. Fostering Creative Thinking in a Digital World
  2. Adolescent Perspectives on Climate Change in an Era of Economic Uncertainty: Eschewing Neoliberalism in Nelson, British Columbia
  3. Covert Aggression and Gifted Adolescent Girls
  4. The Implementation of the Schoolwide Enrichment Model in Italian Schools
  5. The Catch-A-Wave Theory of Adaptability: Core Competencies for Developing Gifted Behaviors in the Second Machine Age of Technology
  6. Extreme Intellectual Ability and the Dynamics of Social Inclusion
  7. Minimizing the Familiar and Maximizing the Diverse: Emergent Pedagogy and Self-Differentiation in a Post-Covid World
  8. Use of the Jordanian WISC-III for Twice-Exceptional Identification
  9. Spectacles of Light, Fire, and Fog: Artichoke and the Art of the Ephemeral
  10. Educating the Gifted: An Opportunity for Improving the Quality of Teaching and Learning in Classrooms
  11. No Such Thing as Just a Game: A Briefing on 3D-Briefing
  12. A Life-Transformative Education for the 21st Century: Exploring, Creating, and Leading Through Honors
  13. Post-Secondary Education in the Inner-City: Breaking barriers and building bridges in a divided city
  14. Closing the Spiritual Circle of Life: The Unconditional Love Revolution
  15. A Long Poem: Take Time to…
  16. When are People Considered “Ahead of Their Time”? Based on the Case Study of Janusz Korczak

Profiles of Giftedness

  1. Distinguished Scholar Professor Sally M. Reis


  1. Sally M. Reis Made Real and Sustainable Change in Schools and Classroom Practice
  2. Françoys Gagné

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