International Journal for Talent Development and Creativity

Volume 10, Number 1-2, August–December 2022

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From the Founders

  1. From the Founders: The 20th Anniversary of the ICIE

From the Editor's Desk


  1. Extending Knowledge and Learning through the Prism of Cosmopolitan Education: International Perspectives
  2. Cosmopolitanism or Multiculturalism? Towards an Anti-Colonial Reading
  3. Cosmopolitanism and Decolonization: Contradictory Perspectives on School Reform to Advance Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples
  4. Teaching Global Citizenship: A Teacher Reflects on a Learning-Teaching Event and Implications for Global Citizenship Education
  5. Diverse Insights Revealing Nuances of the Culture-High Ability Nexus: An Interdisciplinary Search
  6. Educating for a Cosmopolitan Ethos in Education: Adapting Expectations to Reality
  7. On Intercultural Interactions
  8. Pathways into Creativity and Place for Adult Learning: A Dialogue Between a Researcher and an Artist
  9. Thinking Relationally and Pedagogically about Commemoration: A Critical Inquiry into Charlottetown’s Macdonald Statue
  10. Travelling in a Cosmopolitan Milieu: An Intercultural Exchange of Two Artists as Educators in Conversation at a UK University
  11. Teaching Spectacle: The Cultural Relevance of a Global Phenomenon
  12. Emergent Properties of an Art Talent Environment: An Empirical Study of Young Artists’ Experiences Within a Talent Development Program
  13. Developing Creative Teaching Skills in Pre-Service Teachers
  14. What is [or Should be] the Pedagogy of Gifted Education Programs
  15. Film’s Transformative Potential with Gifted Adolescent Girls
  16. Referral, Identification, and Retention of Underrepresented Gifted Students
  17. Neurodiversity is Human Diversity, an Equity Imperative for Education
  18. Knowing What Works: Creating Circles of Courage
  19. Making the Case for Cosmopolitan Pathways for Canada’s Diversity
  20. We are all Human Beings
  21. Asynchronous Posting and Reading both Reflect Communities of Inquiry


  1. Jack Naglieri
  2. Bruce M. Shore
  3. Kirsi Tirri

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