The International Journal of Whole Person Care

Volume 8, Number 1, 2021 True Stories from the Front: Facing COVID-19

Table of contents (20 articles)

Case Studies/Narratives

  1. Introduction
  2. Common decency
  3. A day in the life: Doctor turned patient overnight
  4. One small victory
  5. Augury
  6. Eyes closed
  7. Is this my last day?
  8. Two Palliative Care stories
  9. Superman does laundry too
  10. A love letter to my patients
  11. Aftermath and midst of a nightmare: A pediatrician’s COVID-19 lament
  12. Life with COVID-19: Learning to “Breeze in and Breeze out” in Japan
  13. Mental health PPE in times of COVID-19
  14. Urgent matters in the emergency room when facing COVID-19
  15. The COVID-19 pandemic: One person, various perspectives
  16. Essential self-care for doctors during the pandemic
  17. Use soap & Mango spoiled
  18. COVID-19 in Paris: Identifying intentions
  19. Not facing COVID-19 on the frontline
  20. What the world needs now is humilty


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