International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning

Volume 23, Number 4, November 2022

Table of contents (15 articles)


  1. Editorial - Volume 23, Issue 4

Research Articles

  1. Impact of COVID-19 on Formal Education: An International Review of Practices and Potentials of Open Education at a Distance
  2. The Influence of Sense of Community and Satisfaction With E-Learning and Their Impact on Nursing Students’ Academic Achievement
  3. Technology Enabling the New Normal: How Students Respond to Classes
  4. A Case Study on How Distance Education May Inform Post-Pandemic University Teaching
  5. Development of the Online Course Overload Indicator and the Student Mental Fatigue Survey
  6. SLOAN: Social Learning Optimization Analysis of Networks
  7. A Learning Analytics Approach Using Social Network Analysis and Binary Classifiers on Virtual Resource Interactions for Learner Performance Prediction
  8. Open Distance and e-Learning: Ethiopian Doctoral Students’ Satisfaction with Support Services
  9. Translating and Validating the Community of Inquiry Survey Instrument in Brazil

Book Notes

Literature Reviews

  1. MOOCs as a Research Agenda: Changes Over Time

Notes From the Field

  1. Using Low-immersive Virtual Reality in Online Learning: Field Notes from Environmental Management Education


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