Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 5, Number 1, 1994

Table of contents (15 articles)

Calgary 1994

  1. Presidential Address: Contested Space: The Politics of Canadian Memory
  2. The Campaign for Representative Government in Newfoundland
  3. “Cradle to Grave: An Examination of Demographic Behaviour on Two British Columbian Frontiers”
  4. Man on the Spot: John Daly, Indian Agent in Parry Sound, 1922-1939
  5. Liturgies urbaines et rapports sociaux en France au XVIe siècle : fascination militaire, quartiers et corporations de métiers
  6. Prologue to the Red River Resistance: Pre-liminal Politics and the Triumph of Riel
  7. The Crisis in British Army Recruiting in the 1930s
  8. Twice Slain: Female Sex-Trade Workers and Suicide in British Columbia, 1870-1920
  9. Canadian Communists, Revolutionary Unionism, and the “Third Period”: The Workers’ Unity League, 1929-1935
  10. “Of Slender Frame and Delicate Appearance”: the Placing of Laura Secord in the Narratives of Canadian Loyalist History
  11. Loss and Substitution: The Ecology of Production in Southwestern Saskatchewan, 1860-1930
  12. Voluntary Societies and the Process of Middle-class Formation in Early-Victorian Halifax, Nova Scotia
  13. Images of Women in the Sermons of Guillaume Pepin (c.1465-1533)
  1. Unpublished Papers/Communications non-publiées
  2. Our Contributors/Nos auteurs

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