Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 16, Number 1, 2005

Table of contents (13 articles)

London 2005

  1. 2005 Presidential Address of the CHA : Space and Region in Canadian History
  2. 2005 Discours du président de la S.H.C. : Les concepts d’espace et de région en histoire du Canada
  3. Hostage-taking 1754: Virginians vs Canadians
  4. Pour une nouvelle synthèse sur les processus électoraux du XIXe siècle québécois
  5. Craftsworkers and Canada’s First Industrial Revolution: Reassessing the Context
  6. Three Cheers for Lord Denman: Reformers, the Irish, and Jury Reforms in Nova Scotia, 1833-1845
  7. Late-Victorian Gentlemen Entrepreneurs Venturing Into New Worlds of Canadian Business: The Nestegg Mining Company, 1896-98
  8. “eyes wide open”: E. W. Backus and The Pitfalls of Investing in Ontario’s Pulp and Paper Industry, 1902-1932
  9. The Horror at Home: The Canadian Military and the “Great” Influenza Pandemic of 1918
  10. He Is Depending on You: Militarism, Martyrdom, and the Appeal to Manliness in the Case of France’s ‘Croix de Feu’, 1931-1940.
  11. Federal Spaces, Local Conflicts: National Parks and the Exclusionary Politics of the Conservation Movement in Ontario, 1900-1935
  12. Eminent Pearsonians: Britishness, Anti-Britishness, and Canadianism
  13. Errata

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