Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 17, Number 1, 2006

Table of contents (11 articles)

Toronto 2006

  1. The Reaction of the City of London to the Quebec Resolutions, 1864-1866
  2. Agrarian Commonwealth or Entrepôt of the Orient? Competing Conceptions of Canada and the BC Terms of Union Debate of 1871
  3. Quarantined Within a New Colonial Order: The 1876-1877 Lake Winnipeg Smallpox Epidemic
  4. Young Men and the Creation of Civic Christianity in Urban Methodist Churches, 1880-1914
  5. A Pagan Landscape: Pope Pius XI, Fascism, and the Struggle over the Roman Cityscape
  6. The Politics of Selection: The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada and the Imperial Commemoration of Canadian History, 1919-1950
  7. From the Bush to the Village in Northern Saskatchewan: Contrasting CCF Community Development Projects
  8. The Tourism of Titillation in Tijuana and Niagara Falls: Cross-Border Tourism and Hollywood Films between 1896 and 1960
  9. Toronto’s Hippie Disease: End Days in the Yorkville Scene, August 1968
  10. On Fertile Ground: Locating Historic Sites in the Landscapes of Fundy and the Foothills
  11. Errata

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