Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 17, numéro 1, 2006

Sommaire (11 articles)

Toronto 2006

  1. The Reaction of the City of London to the Quebec Resolutions, 1864-1866
  2. Agrarian Commonwealth or Entrepôt of the Orient? Competing Conceptions of Canada and the BC Terms of Union Debate of 1871
  3. Quarantined Within a New Colonial Order: The 1876-1877 Lake Winnipeg Smallpox Epidemic
  4. Young Men and the Creation of Civic Christianity in Urban Methodist Churches, 1880-1914
  5. A Pagan Landscape: Pope Pius XI, Fascism, and the Struggle over the Roman Cityscape
  6. The Politics of Selection: The Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada and the Imperial Commemoration of Canadian History, 1919-1950
  7. From the Bush to the Village in Northern Saskatchewan: Contrasting CCF Community Development Projects
  8. The Tourism of Titillation in Tijuana and Niagara Falls: Cross-Border Tourism and Hollywood Films between 1896 and 1960
  9. Toronto’s Hippie Disease: End Days in the Yorkville Scene, August 1968
  10. On Fertile Ground: Locating Historic Sites in the Landscapes of Fundy and the Foothills
  11. Errata

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