Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 25, Number 1, 2014

Table of contents (10 articles)

  1. Made in Canada! The Canadian Manufacturers’ Association’s Promotion of Canadian-Made Goods, 1911-1921
  2. “Tobacco has Blossomed like the Rose in the Desert”: Technology, Trees, and Tobacco in the Norfolk Sand Plain, c. 1920-1940
  3. Cigarette Marketing and Smoking Culture in 1930s Canada
  4. La Palme présenteDisplicuit Nasus Tuus : quand la caricature sert de discours politique au Québec
  5. “We All Used to Meet at the Hall”: Assessing the Significance of the Universal Negro Improvement Association in Toronto, 1900–1950
  6. “At Last! The Government’s War on Poverty Explained”: The Special Planning Secretariat, the Welfare State, and the Rhetoric of the Poverty in the 1960s
  7. “Some thought they were ‘in Love’”: Sex, White Teenagehood, and Unmarried Pregnancy in Early Postwar Canada
  8. Tradition and Transitions: Elders Working in Canadian Prisons, 1967-1992
  9. ParticipACTION, Healthism, and the Crafting of a Social Memory (1971–1999)
  10. A Half-Century of Possessive Individualism: C.B. Macpherson and the Twenty-First-Century Prospects of Liberalism

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