Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 26, Number 1, 2015

Table of contents (9 articles)

  1. Dessins d’enfants et aide humanitaire : expressions et expositions transnationales / Children’s Drawings and Humanitarian Aid: Transnational Expressions and Exhibitions
  2. From Rupert’s Land to Canada West: Hudson’s Bay Company Families and Representations of Indigeneity in Small-Town Ontario, 1840–1980
  3. ‘The Ill-name of the Old Country’: London’s Assisted Emigrants, British Unemployment Policy, and Canadian Immigration Restriction, 1905-1910
  4. ‘Have you any recollection of what occurred at all?’: Davis v. Colchester County Hospital and Medical Negligence in Interwar Canada
  5. “Indians on White Lines”: Bureaucracy, Race, and Power on Northern British Columbian Traplines, 1925–1950
  6. Unlocking the ‘Eskimo Secret’: Defence Science in the Cold War Canadian Arctic, 1947–1954
  7. Le Service des émissions féminines télévisées au réseau francophone de la Société Radio-Canada (1965-1982) : une histoire du genre dans les organisations
  8. “The Mic Is My Piece”: Canadian Rap, the Gendered “Cool Pose,” and Music Industry Racialization and Regulation
  9. Still Working in the Shadow of Men? An Analysis of Sex Distribution in Publications and Prizes in Canadian History

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