Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 26, numéro 1, 2015

Sommaire (9 articles)

  • Dessins d’enfants et aide humanitaire : expressions et expositions transnationales / Children’s Drawings and Humanitarian Aid: Transnational Expressions and Exhibitions
  • From Rupert’s Land to Canada West: Hudson’s Bay Company Families and Representations of Indigeneity in Small-Town Ontario, 1840–1980
  • ‘The Ill-name of the Old Country’: London’s Assisted Emigrants, British Unemployment Policy, and Canadian Immigration Restriction, 1905-1910
  • ‘Have you any recollection of what occurred at all?’: Davis v. Colchester County Hospital and Medical Negligence in Interwar Canada
  • “Indians on White Lines”: Bureaucracy, Race, and Power on Northern British Columbian Traplines, 1925–1950
  • Unlocking the ‘Eskimo Secret’: Defence Science in the Cold War Canadian Arctic, 1947–1954
  • Le Service des émissions féminines télévisées au réseau francophone de la Société Radio-Canada (1965-1982) : une histoire du genre dans les organisations
  • “The Mic Is My Piece”: Canadian Rap, the Gendered “Cool Pose,” and Music Industry Racialization and Regulation
  • Still Working in the Shadow of Men? An Analysis of Sex Distribution in Publications and Prizes in Canadian History
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