The Journal of the Canadian Game Studies Association

Volume 14, Number 24, Fall 2021

From a parallel future Detroit, where androids' struggle for equal rights reflects the civil rights movements of the 1960s, to the more or less nuanced representation of mental health in video games, the Fall 2021 edition of Loading... presents 7 original papers that explore a range of intersections between academia, video games and society at large. What makes an "indie" game indie? What can be grasped of "actual" history from the historical strategy game Europa Universalis IV? What can we learn about diverse identity assumptions from the web series The Guild? What are the real-world impacts of loot boxes in video games, and should they be regulated? And how our reality can be transformed into a palimpsest of physical and virtual layers by an AR game like Pokémon Go.

Table of contents (8 articles)


  1. Acts of Becoming: An Examination of the Historical Symbolism and Embodied Empathy in Detroit: Become Human
  2. Europa Universalis IV and Deep Learning: Historical Accuracy, Counterfactuals and Historical Themes
  3. The elusive “indieness": Measuring the defining characteristics of indie games
  4. Who Gets to Be in The Guild? Race, Gender and Intersecting Stereotypes in Gaming Cultures
  5. Harms Of Loot Boxes And Approaching Regulation In Singapore
  6. Pokémon Go as palimpsest: Creating layers of meaning through augmented reality
  7. Mental Health in 3D: A Dimensional Model of Mental Illness Representation in Digital Games
  8. Baba Is You: Doing Things With Words


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