Locke Studies

Volume 21, 2021

Table of contents (7 articles)


  1. Sarah Cowper’s "Character" of John Locke
  2. Liberty and Suspension in Locke’s Essay
  3. Improvement as the Foundation of Liberty: Locke on Labour, Equality, and Civic Membership
  4. The Value of Methodological Pluralism in the Study of Locke on Slavery and Absolutism: A Rejoinder to Felix Waldmann
  5. Corrigendum and Errata to Samuel C. Rickless's "Locke on the Probability of the Mind's Immateriality," Locke Studies 20 (2020): 1-28, https://doi.org/10.5206/ls.2020.10677

Recent Publications

  1. Addendum to "Recent Publications," Locke Studies 20 (2020): Japanese Language Publications

Questions, Updates, or Discussions

  1. Slavery and Absolutism in Locke’s Two Treatises: A Response to Olsthoorn and van Apeldoorn


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