Locke Studies

Volume 21, 2021

Sommaire (7 articles)


  1. Sarah Cowper’s "Character" of John Locke
  2. Liberty and Suspension in Locke’s Essay
  3. Improvement as the Foundation of Liberty: Locke on Labour, Equality, and Civic Membership
  4. The Value of Methodological Pluralism in the Study of Locke on Slavery and Absolutism: A Rejoinder to Felix Waldmann
  5. Corrigendum and Errata to Samuel C. Rickless's "Locke on the Probability of the Mind's Immateriality," Locke Studies 20 (2020): 1-28, https://doi.org/10.5206/ls.2020.10677

Recent Publications

  1. Addendum to "Recent Publications," Locke Studies 20 (2020): Japanese Language Publications

Questions, Updates, or Discussions

  1. Slavery and Absolutism in Locke’s Two Treatises: A Response to Olsthoorn and van Apeldoorn


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