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Selected Proceedings from the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Travaux choisis de la Société canadienne d'étude du dix-huitième siècle

Volume 32, 2013 Guest-edited by Peter Walmsley and Emily West

Table of contents (10 articles)

  1. Preface / Préface
  2. Reading Austen’s Lady Susan as Tory Secret History
  3. Observations de Mme de Graffigny et de Devaux sur la dramaturgie de Destouches
  4. Expecting the Unexpected: Haydn’s Three-Part Expositions
  5. Matérialisme et immatérialisme dans la pensée anglaise du xviiie siècle : Berington versus Priestley
  6. The Duality of Goethe’s Materialism
  7. (De)Radicalism: Rootlessness and the Subversive Power of Money in Godwin’s Caleb Williams and St. Leon
  8. British Government under the Qianlong Emperor’s Gaze: Satire, Imperialism, and the Macartney Embassy to China, 1792–1804
  9. The Sahib in Late Eighteenth-Century Mughal India
  10. Dialogue, Selection, Subversion: Three Approaches to Teaching Women Writers

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