Material Culture Review

Volume 77-78, 2013

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Editorial / Éditorial

  1. Editorial / Éditorial


  1. Rise of the Eco-Comics: The State, Environmental Education and Canadian Comic Books, 1971-1975
  2. “One of the best advertising mediums the country can have:”: Postage Stamps and National Identity in Canada, New Zealand and Australia
  3. Moderne et officiel ? Autour d’Eugène Beaudouin à l’ambassade de France au Canada
  4. Labour and the Commemorative Landscape in Industrial Cape Breton, 1922-2013
  5. Living Memorials to the Civil War Dead: Case Studies in the District of Columbia and the Commonwealth of Virginia
  6. The Use of Material Culture and Recovering Black Maine
  7. “I Have Sometimes Seen the White Cloth Winding Over the Rollers ... and I Have Thought it Beautiful”: Reading the Mill Girls’ Narratives as Artifacts of Material Rhetoric
  8. Les effets de la règlementation de la culture : l’exemple de la production de vin en Calabre
  9. Crafting Spanish Female Identity: Silk Lace Mantillas at the Crossroads of Tradition and Fashion

Research Report / Rapport de recherche

Research Note / Note de recherche

  1. Hay Barracks in Newfoundland

Exhibition Review / Compte rendu d’exposition

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livre

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