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Material Culture Review

Volume 80-81, 2014–2015

Table of contents (22 articles)

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Front Matter

  1. Front Matter


  1. M. Lillian Burke (1879-1952): Three Lost Chéticamp Carpets
  2. Toward A History of Canadian Wallpaper Use: Mechanization 1860-1935
  3. Vinyl Records and Old Computers as Material Culture: Perspectives on Collecting and Donations to Museums
  4. Gaspereau Fishing on the Southwest Margaree: Gathering at the River
  5. Changing Identity Through Material Culture: Folklore, the Fur Trade, and the Internet
  6. Le musée de région au Québec et les Premières Nations. Le cas du Musée de Charlevoix

Back Matter


  1. Early Christian Perceptions of Sacred Spaces
  2. La dialectique de la tradition et de la modernité dans un bourg français au tournant des XIX e et XX e siècles : consommation et alimentation à Ancy-le-Franc
  3. Genèse de l’économuséologie
  4. Tourist Photography in Peru: An Actor-Network Theory Approach to Images Posted Online

Research Reports

  1. Partible Objects: A Wayana Dance Costume Used as Shaman’s Device (Tropenmuseum inventory number 401-86a)
  2. Bootspurs of the Early Modern Period Newfoundland
  3. The Daily Grind: The Rotary Quern and Nova Scotia’s Scots

Exhibition Review

  1. “The Cartography of the Unseen”

Book Review

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