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Material Culture Review

Volume 82-83, 2015–2016

Table of contents (22 articles)

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Front Matter

  1. Front Matter


  1. Black History Month Programs: Performance and Heritage
  2. Between Orchard and Highway: Roadside Produce Stands as Rural Artifact and Enterprise
  3. Going Strong: The Role of Physical Strength among the Scots of Eastern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton
  4. Intangible Cultural Heritage Revitalization for Development and Tourism: The Case of Purulia Chhau Dance
  5. Apports du réalisateur et des communautés sur les films documentaires réalisés pour l’UNESCO sur le Patrimoine Culturel Immatériel
  6. Repenser le développement durable : quel rôle pour les savoir-faire et les métiers d’art ?
  7. Learning experiences about intangible heritage conservation for sustainability in biosphere reserves
  8. Exchanges and Hybridities: Red Leggings and Rubbaboos in the Fur Trade, 1600s-1800s
  9. Listening to Noise: An Interactive Soundscape Installation that Transforms Place in the Service of Intangible Cultural Heritage
  10. Intangible Cultural Heritage, Folklorists, and TCPs in the Hawaiian Context
  11. The Art of Storytelling in Bedouin Society: A 21st-Century Ethnographic Collection of Poems from the United Arab Emirates
  12. Black Power, Brand Power: Brand-led Interpretations of Indigenous Intangible Cultural Heritage and Propositions for Sustainable Development

Research Reports

  1. Beyond Preservation: A Consideration of the Intangible Aspects of Buildings
  2. Canary in the Mine and the Concerns of Research Councils, Applied Ethnomusicologists, and Museum Professionals
  3. Estimation des ressources nécessaires à l’opération d’une pêcherie sédentaire gaspésienne du 17e siècle : la Compagnie de l’île Percée

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