The Journal of the Canadian Society for Traditional Music
La revue de la Société canadienne pour les traditions musicales

Volume 50, 2023

Table of contents (26 articles)

  1. From the Editor
  2. Notes on Contributing Authors

Articles: Anti-Racist Pedagogies and Praxis in Ethnomusicology: Dialogue and Reflections / Pédagogies et pratiquees antiracistes en ethnomusicologie. Dialogues et réflections

  1. Introduction: Developing Anti-Racist Pedagogies and Praxis in Ethnomusicology: Dialogues and Reflections
  2. “Music of Sound”: Using Existing Sonic Environments to Develop Inclusive, Experiential, and Collaborative Pedagogy in Malaysia
  3. Practising Cultural Inclusivity During the Pandemic: A Case Study of an Online Composition Course in Canada
  4. Ethnicize and Historicize: Thoughts on Anti-Racist Pedagogy and Post-Secondary Music History
  5. Stratégies pour une pédagogie alternative de l’histoire de la musique : trois études de cas autour de rencontres interculturelles
  6. Schools of Music as Social Institutions in Service to Society

Articles: Voices / Voix

Articles: Open Topics / Hors Thème

  1. The Musical Expat: Privileged Migration and Baby Music Class in Lisbon
  2. Learning to Fiddle in a Community of Practice
  3. Silence, Absence, and Forgetting: Traditional Music and Dance Contests of Gaelic Cape Breton

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres

Film Reviews / Comptes rendus de films

Podcast Reviews / Comptes rendus de baladodiffusion