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Volume 15, Number 2, 2006

Table of contents (14 articles)


  1. Editorial

Articles - Philosophical Tracts

  1. Plato and Aristotle’s Educational Lessons from the Iliad
  2. Welcoming Confusion, Embracing Uncertainty: Educating Teacher Candidates in an Age of Certitude
  3. Resistance Reconceptualized
  4. A Pragmatic Utopia? Utopianisms and Anti-utopianisms in the Critique of Educational Discourse
  5. Nussbaum’s Concept of Cosmopolitanism: Practical Possibility or Academic Delusion?
  6. Democratic Paradoxes: Thomas Hill Green on Democracy and Education
  7. Beyond Liberal Democracy: Diverse Educational Relations

Articles - Philosophical Fragments

  1. To Carry Across: Metaphor Invents Us

Book Reviews

Dialogue and Debate

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