Volume 22, Number 1, 2014 Sexual and Gender Diversity in Schools Guest-edited by Donald Cochrane

Table of contents (14 articles)


  1. Preface


Special Issue Articles

  1. Respect Without Recognition: A Critique of the OCSTA’s “Respecting Difference” Policy
  2. LGBTQ Role Models and Curricular Controversy in Canada: A Student Symposium
  3. Law and Disorder: Ontario Catholic Bishops’ Opposition to Gay-Straight Alliances
  4. Rearticulating Youth Subjectivity Through Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs)
  5. Queerly Inside and Out in School…A Conversation
  6. A Critique of Anti-heterosexist Curriculum and Student Consent at the Toronto District School Board
  7. Challenging Catholic School Resistance to GSAs with a Revised Conception of Scandal and a Critique of Perceived Threat
  8. Catchalls and Conundrums: Theorizing “Sexual Minority” in Social, Cultural, and Political Contexts
  9. Justifying Bill 18: A Critique of Kymlicka’s Comprehensive Neutrality

Open Topic Articles

  1. Beyond a Single World: Pedagogy and Relating in Difference
  2. Suffering “Like This”: Interpretation and the Pedagogical Disruption of the Dual System of Education

Book Reviews


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