Philosophical Inquiry in Education

Volume 24, Number 1, 2016

Table of contents (12 articles)

Research Articles

  1. “The Very Unrecognizability of the Other”: Edith Stein, Judith Butler, and the Pedagogical Challenge of Empathy
  2. Indexical Ways of Knowing: An Inquiry Into the Indexical Sign and How to Educate for Novelty
  3. The Perfectionist Call of Intelligibility: Secondary English, Creative Writing, and Moral Education
  4. Pedagogy of Attention: Subverting the Strong Language of Intention in Social Justice Education

Special Invited Symposium: Safe Space in the University

  1. Education in Safe and Unsafe Spaces
  2. Safety, Dignity, and the Quest for a Democratic Campus Culture
  3. Anger and Pedagogy
  4. Egalitarianism, Safety, and Virtue in Education: A Response to Callan

Dialogue and Debate

  1. Assessment or Surveillance? Panopticism and Higher Education

Book Reviews

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