Canada's Journal on Refugees
revue canadienne sur les réfugiés

Volume 34, Number 2, 2018

Table of contents (20 articles)


  1. La « crise migratoire » de 2015/16 en Europe : interprétation géohistorique
  2. Borders, Boundaries, and Exclusion in the Icelandic Asylum System
  3. The Development of the Asylum Law and Refugee Protection Regimes in Portugal, 1975–2017
  4. Competing Motivations in Germany’s Higher Education Response to the “Refugee Crisis”
  5. “We” the Refugees: Reflections on Refugee Labels and Identities
  6. In the Name of Humanitarianism: The Interim Federal Health Program and the Irregularization of Refugee Claimants
  7. Temporary Protection Regimes and Refugees: What Works? Comparing the Kuwaiti, Bosnian, and Syrian Refugee Protection Regimes
  8. Stories for Asylum: Narrative and Credibility in the United States’ Political Asylum Application
  9. “A Legacy of Confusion”: An Exploratory Study of Service Provision under the Reinstated Interim Federal Health Program
  10. “We Can’t Paint Them with One Brush”: Creating Opportunities for Learning about Refugee Integration
  11. Examining the Intersection of Race, Gender, Class, and Age on Post-Secondary Education and Career Trajectories of Refugees
  12. Refuser d’être désignées. Des identités imposées, négociées et revendiquées
  13. Decade of Despair: The Contested Rebuilding of the Nahr al-Bared Refugee Camp, Lebanon, 2007–2017

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