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Canada's Journal on Refugees
Revue canadienne sur les réfugiés

Volume 36, Number 2, 2020 Refugee Children, Status, and Educational Attainment: A Comparative Lens Guest-edited by Maha Shuayb and Maurice Crul

Table of contents (12 articles)



  1. Increasing Inclusion or Expanding Exclusion? How the Global Strategy to Include Refugees in National Education Systems Has Been Implemented in Lebanon
  2. Exceptional and Futureless Humanitarian Education of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: Prospects for Shifting the Lens
  3. What Shapes the Integration Trajectory of Refugee Students? A Comparative Policy Analysis in Two German States
  4. The Impact of Legal Status on Different Schooling Aspects of Adolescents in Germany
  5. Facilitating Access to Higher Education for People Seeking Asylum in Australia: Institutional and Community Responses

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