Canada's Journal on Refugees
Revue canadienne sur les réfugiés

Volume 39, Number 1, 2023

Table of contents (16 articles)

Editorial / Éditoriaux


  1. Examining Associations between Maternal Trauma, Child Attachment Security, and Child Behaviours in Refugee Families
  2. Emotions in Crisis: Consequences of Ceremonial Refugee Camp Visits to Bhutanese Refugee Camps in Nepal
  3. L’adaptation des services à la Clinique santé ses réfugiés de Québec : une réponse aux impacts de la pandémie de COVID-19 chez les personnes réfugiées
  4. Beauty and Beautification in Refugees’ Lives and Their Implications for Refugee Policy
  5. Vulnerability, Embedded Agency, and Downward Social Mobility of Young Asylum Seekers
  6. A Community-Based Needs Assessment of Resettled Syrian Refugee Children and Families in Canada
  7. A Meso-Level Analysis of the Revitalization of the WUSC Student Refugee Program at St. Francis Xavier University
  8. Health Literacy and Refugee Women During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Outlooks for ESL Classes
  9. Equally Public and Private Refugee Resettlement: The Historical Development of Canada’s Joint Assistance Sponsorship Program

Book Reviews / Recensions d’ouvrages


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