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  • William R. Bowen
    Editor/Rédacteur, Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme

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Cover of Volume 41, Number 4, Fall 2018, pp. 7-286, Renaissance and Reformation
It is my pleasure to announce the implementation of a new direction for Renaissance and Reformation. Beginning with this issue, we will publish a new section devoted to reviews of digital projects and tools relevant to our fields of interest, thereby offering a critical study of digital and digital-born materials that are of fundamental importance to our research and teaching. This new direction in the life of our journal is undertaken in collaboration with Early Modern Digital Review, an initiative of the Renaissance Knowledge Network in partnership with Iter: Gateway to the Middle Ages and Renaissance and the Electronic Textual Cultures Laboratory. The EMDR editors are William R. Bowen (University of Toronto Scarborough), Laura Estill (St Francis Xavier University) and Raymond G. Siemens (University of Victoria), and the managing editor is Randa El Khatib (University of Victoria). For further information, see emdr.itercommunity.org.