Renaissance and Reformation
Renaissance et Réforme

Volume 41, Number 4, Fall 2018

Table of contents (47 articles)

  1. Editor’s Note / Note du Rédacteur


  1. “My Own Worst Enemy”: Translating Hamartia in Sixteenth-Century Italy
  2. L’Inquiétante tradition de La Strega de Lasca. Variantes d’auteur ou réécriture éditoriale ?
  3. Exploring Verbal Relations between Arden of Faversham and John Lyly’s Endymion
  4. Hurried to Destruction: Reprobation in Arden of Faversham and A Woman Killed with Kindness
  5. “A Virgine and a Martyr both”: The Turn to Hagiography in Heywood’s Reformation History Play

Digital Resource Reviews / Comptes-rendus sur les ressources numériques

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

  1. Akhimie, Patricia. Shakespeare and the Cultivation of Difference: Race and Conduct in the Early Modern World
  2. Alonge, Guillaume. Condottiero, cardinale, eretico. Federico Fregoso nella crisi politica e religiosa del Cinquecento
  3. Andreini, Isabella. Mirtilla, A Pastoral: A Bilingual Edition. Ed. Valeria Finucci, trans. Julia Kisacky
  4. Bartlett, Kenneth. Florence in the Age of the Medici and Savonarola, 1464–1498: A Short History with Documents
  5. Bassnett, Madeline. Women, Food Exchange, and Governance in Early Modern England
  6. Belle, Marie-Alice, and Line Cottegnies, eds. Robert Garnier in Elizabethan England: Mary Sidney Herbert’s Antonius and Thomas Kyd’s Cornelia
  7. Bertoglio, Chiara. Reforming Music. Music in the Religious Reformations of the Sixteenth Century
  8. Blanchard, W. Scott, and Andrea Severi, eds. Renaissance Encyclopaedism: Studies in Curiosity and Ambition
  9. Blanshei, Sarah Rubin, ed. A Companion to Medieval and Renaissance Bologna
  10. Cefalu, Paul. The Johannine Renaissance in Early Modern English Literature and Theology
  11. Celenza, Christopher S. The Intellectual World of the Italian Renaissance: Language, Philosophy, and the Search for Meaning
  12. Champier, Symphorien. The Ship of Virtuous Ladies. Ed. and trans. Todd W. Reeser
  13. Coleman, James K. and Andrea Moudarres, éds. Luigi Pulci in Renaissance Florence and Beyond. New Perspectives on his Poetry and Influence
  14. De Langeac, Jean. Letters and Papers. Ed. Jan Pendergrass
  15. Ellinghausen, Laurie, ed. Approaches to Teaching Shakespeare’s English History Plays
  16. Fouligny, Mary-Nelly, and Marie Roig Miranda, eds. Aristote dans l’Europe des XVIe et XVIIe siècles : transmissions et ruptures. Actes du colloque international organisé à Nancy (5, 6 et 7 novembre 2015)
  17. Giustiniani, Paolo, and Pietro Querini. Libellus Addressed to Leo X, Supreme Pontiff. Latin and English ed. and trans. with notes to the Latin by Stephen M. Beall. Intro. with notes to the English by John L. Schmitt
  18. Goodblatt, Chanita. Jewish and Christian Voices in English Reformation Biblical Drama: Enacting Family and Monarch
  19. Greenblatt, Stephen. Marvelous Possessions: The Wonder of the New World. With a New Preface
  20. Gusmão, Alexandre de. The Story of the Predestined Pilgrim and His Brother Reprobate in Which, Through a Mysterious Parable, is Told the Felicitous Success of the One Saved and the Unfortunate Lot of the One Condemned. Trans. with intro. and index by Christopher C. Lund
  21. Hoffmann, George. Reforming French Culture: Satire, Spiritual Alienation, and Connection to Strangers
  22. Hunt, John Dixon. John Evelyn: A Life of Domesticity
  23. Jimenes, Rémi. Charlotte Guillard. Une femme imprimeur à la Renaissance
  24. Lambert, Erin. Singing the Resurrection: Body, Community, and Belief in Reformation Europe
  25. Lewis, Rhodri. Hamlet and the Vision of Darkness
  26. Maynard, Katherine S. Reveries of Community: French Epic in the Age of Henri IV, 1572–1616
  27. Moul, Victoria, ed. A Guide to Neo-Latin Literature
  28. O’Connor, Michael. Cajetan’s Biblical Commentaries: Motive and Method
  29. O’Meara, John. Remembering Shakespeare: The Scope of His Achievement from Hamlet through The Tempest
  30. Piéjus, Anne. Musique, censure et création. G. G. Ancina et le Tempio Armonico (1599)
  31. Pizan, Christine de. Othea’s Letter to Hector. Ed. and trans. Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski and Earl Jeffrey Richards
  32. Sebastiani, Valentina. Johann Froben, Printer of Basel. A Biographical Profile and Catalogue of His Editions
  33. Stanivukovic, Goran, ed. Timely Voices: Romance Writing in English Literature
  34. Tommasino, Pier Mattia. The Venetian Qur’an: A Renaissance Companion to Islam. Trans. Sylvia Notini


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