Romanticism on the Net

Number 43, August 2006 Lord Byron’s Canons Guest-edited by Jeffery Vail

Table of contents (14 articles)

  1. Lord Byron’s Canons: Introduction


  1. Lord Byron’s Feminist Canon: Notes toward Its Construction
  2. Byron and Shelley: Radical Incompatibles
  3. “Mightier than death, untamable by fate”: Felicia Hemans’s Byronic Heroines and the Sorority of the Domestic Affections
  4. Byron—In-Between Sade, Lautréamont, and Foucault: Situating the Canon of “Evil” in the Nineteenth Century
  5. Improvisational Aesthetics: Byron, the Shelley Circle, and Tommaso Sgricci
  6. “To engraft ourselves on foreign stocks”: Byron’s Poetics of Acculturation
  7. The Harold of a New Age: Childe Harold I and II and Byron’s Rejection of Canonical Knowledge


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