Scientia Canadensis
Canadian Journal of the History of Science, Technology and Medicine
Revue canadienne d'histoire des sciences, des techniques et de la médecine

Volume 36, Number 2, 2013

Table of contents (5 articles)


  1. Inventions for Industry. Canadian Patents and Development Limited and the Commercialization of University Research in Canada
  2. Technique de mise en pages, crise économique et journalisme d’opinion : Le Courrier de Saint-Hyacinthe de 1920 à 1938
  3. Taking a Stand: Exploring the Role of the Scientists prior to the First Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs, 1957
  4. “Attractive to Strangers and Instructive to Students.” The McCullochs’ 19th Century Bird Collection in Dalhousie College
  1. En mémoire d’un bâtisseur de discipline : Richard Adrian Jarrell (1946-2013) / In Memory of a Discipline Builder: Richard Adrian Jarrell (1946-2013)

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