Studies in Canadian Literature
Études en littérature canadienne

Volume 45, Number 1, 2020

Table of contents (13 articles)


  1. Tekkietsertok’s Anger: Colonial Violence, Post-Apocalypse, and the Inuit in Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth Series
  2. Reading Scofield through Riel: Louis: The Heretic Poems as Dissonance
  3. Hearing Zong! Choreosonographies of Silence
  4. Rhizomatic Challenges to Compartmentalization: Rewriting in Anne Carson’s Decreation and Patience Agbabi’s Telling Tales
  5. Réécrire le récit ancestral chez Gabrielle Roy : vers une lecture ricoeurienne de la transgénéricité
  6. Entre récit littéraire et brochure touristique : la mise en récit du voyage en train à travers le Canada au début du XXe siècle
  7. Automobility or Flight: Transportation and Agency in Disappearing Moon Cafe
  8. Deracialization in Ying Chen’s Later Series of Novels: A Reading of Querelle d’un squelette avec son double
  9. Between Private and Public Spheres: The Politics of Realism in Rohinton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey
  10. A Queer Canadian Affair: The Diasporic Indian Woman Negotiating Queerness in Farzana Doctor’s Stealing Nasreen
  11. “Not Enough Raven”: Reading Lee Maracle’s Ravensong as Counter-Hegemonic Ethnography
  12. Complicating World Literature in the “Minor” Context: Translation and the Acadian Literary Ecosphere

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