Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches Théâtrales Au Canada

Volume 4, Number 2, 1983

Table of contents (14 articles)

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    Julien Daoust Dramaturge 1866-1943
    'Pepper's Ghost is Tearing Its Hair': Ottawa Theatre in the 1870s
    Ottawa Calendar of Performance in the 1870s
    The Canadian Concert Party in France

Reviews / Comptes Rendus

    Helmut Kallmann, Gilles Potvin, Kenneth Winters, eds. Encyclopedia of Music in Canada
    Anton Wagner, ed. Canada's Lost Plays, Volume Four, Colonial Quebec: French-Canadian Drama, 1606-1966
    Marcien Ferland. Les Batteux
    Léon Petit Jean et Henri Rollin. Aurore l'enfant martyre: Histoire et présentation de la pièce
    Léo Bonneville. Le Cinéma québécois par ceux qui le font
    W.O. Mitchell. Dramatic W.O. Mitchell
    Robert Wallace and Cynthia Zimmerman. The Work: Conversations with English Canadian Playwrights
    Martin Knelman. A Stratford Tempest


    David Gardner Argues the Case for 1583

Contributors/ Collaborateurs

    Contributors/ Collaborateurs