Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches Théâtrales Au Canada

Volume 8, Number 2, 1987

Table of contents (15 articles)

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    Roy Mitchell: Prophet in Our Past
    Büchner's Woyzeck on the English-Canadian Stage
    Büchner in Canada: Woyzeck and the Development of English-Canadian Theatre
    Canada's Finest Theatre: The Sherman Grand
    L. Bullock-Webster and the B.C. Dramatic School, 1921-1932
    CKUA: Radio Drama and Regional Theatre

Reviews / Comptes Rendus

    Études littéraires
    John Pettigrew and Jamie Portman. Stratford: The First Thirty Years
    Hélène Jasmin-Bélisle. Le Père Émile Legault et ses Compagnons de Saint Laurent. Une petite histoire...
    Elaine F. Nardocchio. Theatre and Politics in Modern Quebec
    Joan Parkhill Baillie. Look at the Record: An Album of Toronto's Lyric Theatre, 1825-1984
    W.J. Keith. Canadian Literature in English
    Susan Stone-Blackburn. Robertson Davies, Playwright: A Search for the Self on the Canadian Stage


    The Ideological Formation of Political Theatre in Canada

Contributors / Collaborateurs

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