Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches Théâtrales Au Canada

Volume 13, Number 1-2, 1992

Table of contents (21 articles)

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  1. A Word From the Editors


  1. The Problematics of Research on Regional Theatre Conducted in Remote Areas
  2. Between Repetition and Rehearsal: Conditions of (Women's) Theatre in Canada in a Space of Reproduction
  3. W(h)ither the Performance?
  4. Theatre History-Telling: New Historiography, Logic and the Other Canadian Tradition
  5. 'Getting to' Canadian Theatre History: On the Tension Between the New History and the Nation State
  6. Constructing Fictions of an Essential Reality or 'This Picksur Is Niiiice': Judith Thompson's Lion in the Streets
  7. Theatre, Navy and the Narrative of 'True Canadianism'
  8. Stories of Interest: Some Partial Histories of Mulgrave Road Groping Toward a Method
  9. Playing Solitaire: Spectatorship and Representation in Canadian Women's Monodrama
  10. On Native Ground: Canadian Theatre Historiography and the Postmodernism / Postcolonialism Axis
  11. Feminist (Theatre) Historiography / Canadian (Feminist) Theatre: A Reading of some Practices and Theories
  12. Interpreting Multi-text Analysis: Is a Theory of Adaptation Possible?
  13. Performing Politics: Propaganda, Parody and a Women's Parliament

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