Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches Théâtrales Au Canada

Volume 16, Number 1-2, 1995

Table of contents (31 articles)

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  1. The Real Nation? Michel Tremblay, Scotland, and Cultural Translatability
  2. Healing the Border Wound: Fronteras Americanas and the Future of Canadian Multiculturalism
  3. The Gallimaufry and the Roots of Alternative Theatre in Vancouver
  4. Genre Contention at the New Play Centre
  5. Ship of Death: Eschatology in Michael Cook's Quiller


  1. This Discipline Which Is Not One
  2. Academic Trouble: A Response to "This Discipline Which Is Not One"
  3. Agendas Change; Media Don't
  4. Response
  5. A Pragmatic Response
  6. La Profession Qui N'en Est Pas Une
  7. Care and Feeding of Undergraduate Theater Students
  8. Response
  9. Cultural Realities of Teaching
  10. Response
  11. Pour Une Théorie Des Ensembles Flous

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