Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches Théâtrales Au Canada

Volume 37, Number 1, 2016

Table of contents (24 articles)

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Front Matter

    Front Matter


  1. Introduction : Taking Time
  2. Introduction : Prendre le temps


  1. Représentations des relations entre hégémonie et minorités dans trois pièces de théâtre franco-canadiennes
  2. Around the Backside: : Productive Disbelief in Burning Vision
  3. Challenging Age Binaries by Viewing King Lear in Temporal Depth
  4. The Speed Of Queer : La La La Human Steps and Queer Perceptions of the Body
  5. Les visages du théâtre communautaire francophone à Edmonton entre les années 1970 et 1990 : une confusion des genres?
  6. Investigating Afghanada : Situating the CBC Radio Drama in the Context and Politics of Canada and the War on Terror

Forum 1: Linguistic and Cultural Junctures

  1. Jonctions linguistiques et culturelles dans le théâtre canadien / Linguistic and Cultural Junctures in Canadian Theatre
  2. Intention artistique et horizons d’attente en jeu : témoignage d’une expérience colingue
  3. Bilinguisme et création… to escape various limitations
  4. Un blanc… Drawing a blank
  5. Plus Ça Change, the Rest Stays the Same : Perpetual Spring in New Brunswick Theatre

Forum 2: Performance of Labour

  1. Performance of Labour
  2. Witnessing the Growth of a Collective Animal
  3. “How’s Work?” Tackling the Issues of Academic Labour One Scholar at a Time
  4. Thinking a Public University

Book Reviews / Comptes Rendus

  1. T. NIKKI CESARE SCHOTZKO Learning How to Fall: Art and Culture After September 11th
  2. TONY NARDI TWO LETTERS … And Counting!
  3. YVETTE NOLAN. Medicine Shows: Indigenous Performance Culture.
  4. ERIN HURLEY, ed. Theatres of Affect . New Essays on Canadian Theatre, Volume Four.

Contributors / Collaborateurs

  1. Contributors / Collaborateurs

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