Volume 1, numéro 2, spring 1972

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  1. Contributors / Contributeurs


  1. The National Policy and the Industrialization of the Maritimes, 1880-1910
  2. The New England Company and the New Brunswick Indians, 1786-1826: : A Comment on the Colonial Perversion of British Benevolence
  3. New Brunswick Reaction to the Manitoba Schools' Question
  4. The Diplomatic Search for the St. Croix River, 1796-1798


  1. The Narrative of Lieutenant James Moody (with an introduction by W. S. MacNutt)

Reviews / Revues

  1. C. Bruce Fergusson. W. S. Fielding. I: The Mantle of Howe. II: Mr. Minister of Finance
  2. Martin Robin, ed., Canadian Provincial Politics: Party Systems of the Ten Provinces


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