Volume 3, numéro 2, spring 1974

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Contributors / Contributeurs

  1. Contributors / Contributeurs


  1. Indian Affairs in Colonial New Brunswick
  2. "A Fool for a Client": : The Trial of Joseph Howe
  3. Military Aid to the Civil Power: : The Cape Breton Experience in the 1920's
  4. W.S. Fielding and the Liberal Party in Nova Scotia, 1891-1896


  1. Creon: : A Satire on New Brunswick Politics in 1802

Reviews / Revues

  1. The CCF in Ottawa, Ontario, and the Maritimes
  2. Three Books on Nova Scotia's Economy
  3. New and Old History in Ontario
  4. Fort, Fog and Fiddlehead: : Some New Atlantic Writing
  5. On the History of Lumbering in Northeastern America, 1820-1960
  6. Two Books by Joseph Howe


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