Volume 5, numéro 1, autumn 1975

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Contributors / Contributeurs

  1. Contributors / Contributeurs


  1. Indian Policy in Colonial Nova Scotia 1783 -1871
  2. The Relief of the Unemployed Poor in Saint John, Halifax and St. John's, 1815-1860
  3. The Origins of the Maritime Rights Movement
  4. Patterns in the Maritime Co-operative Movement 1900-1945
  5. Convict Transportation to Newfoundland in 1789

Reviews / Revues

  1. Beyond the Atlantic Roar
  2. Local History in Atlantic Canada
  3. The Atlantic Provinces in Recent Studies in Canadian Historical Geography
  4. English Local History: Some Current Approaches Appraised
  5. The Rural Economy of Eighteenth Century France: Some Current Approaches


  1. An Extract from the Memoirs of Alexander Drysdale, Ensign in the New Brunswick Regiment, 1804-1806

Bibliography / Bibliographie

  1. Recent Publications Relating to the History of the Atlantic Region


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