Volume 6, numéro 2, spring 1977

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Contributors / Collaborateurs

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  1. The American Revolution: : Some Thoughts on Recent Bicentennial Scholarship
  2. The Development of the Lunatic Asylum in the Maritime Provinces
  3. The Scots Crown and the Restitution of Port Royal, 1629 - 1632
  4. The Settlement of the Black Refugees in New Brunswick, 1815 - 1836
  5. The Class of '32: : St. John's Reformers on the Eve of Representative Government


  1. New Brunswick Parish Boundaries in the pre-1861 Census Years

Reviews / Revues

  1. The Golden Age of Canadian National Historiography
  2. The 'New History' Has Arrived
  3. Studies in Canada's Recent History
  4. Recent New Brunswick Political Historiography: : Views from the Academy and the Back Room


  1. Recent Developments in the Teaching of Local Studies in the Maritimes: : An Overview

Bibliography / Bibliographie

  1. Recent Publications Relating to the History of the Atlantic Region


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