Volume 11, numéro 1, autumn 1981

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  1. Reform and the Monopolistic Impulse: : The Professionalization of Medicine in the Maritimes
  2. A Man and his Mistress: : J.F.W. DesBarres and Mary Cannon
  3. The Origins of the Land Question on Prince Edward Island, 1767-1805
  4. The Golden Age and the Exodus: : the Case of Canning, Kings County


  1. The Ballad of the Albion

Reviews / Revues

  1. Newfoundland's Historical Revival and the Legacy of David Alexander*
  2. Transcending the Bounds of Nationalism: : Contemporary Quebec Historiography
  3. The Relevance of Canadian History
  4. The Wheat Trade and Economic Development in Upper and Lower Canada
  5. Archaeology: : Studies of the Atlantic Region
  6. Co-ops for Each and All of the Little People?
  7. An Enterprising Conference
  8. From Bosom to Bony Lap

Bibliography / Bibliographie

  1. Recent Publications Relating to the History of the Atlantic Region


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