Volume 18, numéro 1, autumn 1988

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  1. Marital Cruelty: : Women and the Nova Scotia Divorce Court, 1900-1939
  2. The Hierarchy of the Soil: : Land and Labour in a 19th Century Cape Breton Community
  3. "Down with Hitler and Silby Barrett": : The Cape Breton Miners' Slowdown Strike of 1941
  4. Science as Spectacle: : Popular Scientific Culture in Saint John, New Brunswick, 1830-1850
  5. From Study to Reality: : The Establishment of Public Housing in Halifax

Research Notes

  1. The Size Distribution of Probate Wealthholdings in Nova Scotia in the Late 19th Century


  1. Oral and Written Tradition: : A Micro-view from Miramichi

Review Essays / Notes critiques

  1. Historical Writing on Prince Edward Island since 1975
  2. Filling the Lacuna: : Recent Developments in Atlantic Canadian Literary Biography
  3. The Irish in North America New Perspectives
  4. Lifting the Mist: : Recent Studies on the Scots and Irish
  5. Anthropological Uses of History and Culture
  6. Recent Literature on Native Peoples: : A Measure of Canada's Values and Goals

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  1. Recent Publications Relating to the History of the Atlantic Region


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