Volume 20, numéro 1, autumn 1990

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  1. Exciting a Spirit of Emulation Among the 'Plodholes': : Agricultural Reform in Pre-Confederation Nova Scotia
  2. Reform, Literacy, and the Lease: : The Prince Edward Island Free Education Act of 1852
  3. The Operators Along the Coast: : A Case Study of the Link Between Gender, Skilled Labour and Social Power, 1900-1930
  4. The Development of the Newfoundland Legal System to 1815
  5. "Le Tricolore et l'étoile"; : The Origin of the Acadian National Flag, 1867-1912
  6. Militiamen and Volunteers: : The New Brunswick Militia 1787-1871

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

  1. Integrating Regional Patterns into a National Canadian History
  2. Canadian Women's History: : A View From Atlantic Canada
  3. Native History in the Atlantic Region During The Colonial Period
  4. A Maturing of Purpose: : Recent Publications in the History of Technology and the Physical Sciences in Canada
  5. Some Participants Missing But A Great Deal Present
  6. The Health of Medical History
  7. Perpetual Centennial Project: : Twenty Years of the Documents on Canadian External Relations Series


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